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Sands of The Capital- An Escapade At Neemrana


The sun seemed to set over almond hued skies. A ceremonial doorway waited in the day, before whisking us away. We drove through high fort gate edged by glinting cannons to the porch where mustachioed guards smiled in greeting. We witnessed welcome beats when we arrived the magical, Neemrana Fort. 

My sister and I arrived at Neemrana to experience Fort life in its entire magical splendor. From our balcony at the Parvat Mahal, the all-encompassing Indian desert life stretched far into the land. From a lofty jharoka or a latticed window to a starry clear sky to region’s rich heritage, here is our photo diary that explains our luxe weekend getaway to Neemrana fort palace. 

View from our room
Entrance to our room, Parvat Mahal
Evening tea scenes against sunset
When the fort suddenly lit up around sunset
The amphitheater
Party ready for the evening
Dinner under the starry night sky
The heartwarming surprise by the staff at Neemrana Fort

Breakfast scenes

Camel ride to Neemrana step well

Posing at the largest Step Well
Closing it with a bright, sunny selfie
The music of the Rajasthan’s deserts echoes through Neemrana fort’s expansive courtyards. It houses different rooms or mahals that offer luxe living on a hill, a view you can only get if you are lucky! There is a in-house bar that serves Rajasthani delicacies and fusion meals. The core strength of this place happens to be it’s men who are always eager to tell stories of the fort and still uphold local traditions with much passion.

This getaway was really special for my sister and I sicnce it was after a really long time we were together on a (mini) vacation and it was her birthday and her bachelorette.  I remember conveying this to the team at the Fort palace and I ave to admit that they left no stone unturned in making it special for us. The cake that came from nowhere was indeed heartwarming.  We relaxed at the Solar pool on a chilly winter morning and I have to admit that it was the highlight of the trip. We soaked in some sun before heading out to do concept photography (for my love of DSLR). We walked through the fort only to savor in it’s brilliance. The evening tea followed the sunset and as the sky turned pitch black, our party dresses came out and we made our way to the musical evening at the fort. 

Two folk musicians played their instruments and sang with full-throated abandon. Lights twinkled and flaming sigris kept us warm as we raised a toast to the Neemrana Fort. The chef too wowed us with scrumptious meal, letting us have a taste of the deserts on our lips. 

The next morning we enjoyed our lavish breakfast spread and went for a camel ride to the step well. We trekked up the dunes to descend 9 storeys below the ground and were amazed with our rich history. 

You can even opt for various activities like the vintage car ride, zipping, cultural events on the weekend and more. A visit to Neemrana Fort Palace ensures retro revival with a contemporary twist... besides, a vacation can't get more luxe than this.

{Practical Information}

Parvat Mahal Costs INR 15,000 without taxes approx. To get there you can drive down from Delhi and it will take you about 1.5 hours owing to the plush roads and highway. For more details, visit Neemrana Fort Palace’s website here

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