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Haldi Is The Hottest Ingredient You Need In Your DIY Skincare Regime!


Haldi or Turmeric is an age-old Indian ingredient that has been used for internal as well as external healing! It's known especially for it's natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and color-balancing properties. Did you know that by adding turmeric you can actually renew your skin? Well, incase you ignored this spice for sometime now, then you must read our today's post for more... 

Turmeric comes loaded with anti aging properties that also has key vitamins for the creation of collagen. This will lead to a skin renewal process. It also takes care of your skin by minimizing acne, hence for those of you who break out very often- add turmeric to DIY face scrub and exfoliators. 

Turmeric in this age-old concoction is supposed to bring out the 'hidden glow' of the skin and perhaps that's why you see brides being loathed in ubtan during the sacred Haldi ceremony.  It doesn't yellow the skin for forever and is good for all skin types (yep the sensitive skin as well).

Just make sure you are using pure organic turmeric. Before I sign off, here's a quick and effective DIY tan removal technique that features turmeric...

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