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How To Remove Tanning From Elbows And Knees


Are you like many other women who are very not confident about wearing a sleeveless top or a short skirt as your elbows and knees are too dark and rough ? Don't worry, Its a very common problem that most of us face. Our Elbows and knees become dark and rough due to accumulation of dead skin cells. Fret not! This problem can be prevented with a simple DIY exfoliating mask.

Kitchen Ingredients That You Will Need-

Honey                      1 Tsp
Tomato Paste           2 Tbsp
Aloe Vera Pant Gel  2- 3 Tsp

Just Mix the ingredients together and gently massage and exfoliate onto your elbows, knees, ankles and other dark pigmented areas of your skin. Use this mixture once a day and see the results within a week of application. 

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