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Made In Punjab Cyber Hub Gurgaon: Punjabi Luxe Heaven


Just the thought of Punjab warms the heart . Its friendly people, the myriad of colors, the Sarson ke khet, the smell of Sugarcane , the big glasses of Lassis and the butter-laced Paranthas! Aah pure heaven! This is just the kind of experience we had at Made in Punjab.

Jau Mushroom Chakli
Burnt Lehson Tikka
Nasheli Chai
Minty Apple
Banarasi Peda Lassi & Khatta Meetha
Legacy Tandoori Champ
Nasheli Chai
Mr Bhalla Met pap'di'
Minty Apple

Murg Malai Tikka
Gabbar Prawns
Luxury Butter Chicken 
Nalli Hard Core 
Lehsun Palak Chenna 
Ma Ki Daal
Nukkad Jalebi
Gaushala Di Kulfi
Made In Punjab is a brand owned by Zorawar Kalra showcasing the regional delicacies of Punjab with little-tweaked flavors. Made in Punjab is an endeavor to take you through time and experience the grandeur of the Sikh Kingdom, while exploring and reviving the rich culinary history of the State. “Punjab” in Persian means (The Land of) Five Rivers and thus the menu at Made in Punjab covers the rich agricultural regions surrounding the rivers Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas and Sutlej from the erstwhile Princely State, while artistically capturing each of them in the brands logo as well.

I loved MIP. This place serves traditional food giving it a modern look, serving in stylish brass plates by their friendly staff alongside great cocktails. The ambiance of the place is pleasant and welcoming. The lighting is bright enough for a decent meal on the table. The menu booklet is wacky with names of the dishes sound crazy.

We took up the journey with few mocktails like Minty Apple which was great concoction of fresh apple muddled with mint and lime juice and topped off with house-made apple soda. It was a light and refreshing , Khatta Meetha A mix of Orange, mango juice, lime juice, and passion fruit puree, this was more on the meetha side than the khatta, but the kaffir lime leaves did provide a fresh flavor. The Banarasi peda lassi was served with a peda inside the lassi and it was okay. The best was the legendary cocktail Nasheli Chai which is combination of gin, vodka, white rum and in house concoction of chai.

In starters we ordered When Mr Bhalla Met pap'di' , this is simple rustic yet tasty bhalla papdi perfect start to the meal ahead. The Jau Mushroom Chakli made from barley and mushrooms was quite bland  and not to my liking. The Legacy Tandoori Champ was everything it promised meat pieces coming off the bone with a slight pinch and a scrumptious taste. Just one word for it - Spectacular !!! Next came the beautifully crafted Burnt Lehson Tikka and the Murg Malai Tikka and  was just how they are supposed to be -  Juicy and tender! Lastly we had Gabbar Prawns which had a good flavor to it but were slightly harder than usual. Not something I would order again.

As the time for mains arrived we were too full but like they say in Punjabi "We eat with out hearts not with our stomach"! So we moved on and ordered Lehsun Palak Chenna which was a beautiful dish with a wonderful aroma of green shredded spinach with freshly split cheese. Being a Punjabi myself I have been eating butter chicken since childhood  but just the description of Luxury Butter Chicken got me excited and I was eagerly waiting for it throughout the evening. And when it finally arrived one bite I was on cloud nine. With a coating of silver foil on top and loads of dry fruits, and cream, the chicken looked luxurious and I imagine this is what royalty would taste like! The Ma Ki Daal was thick and creamy and simply melted in the mouth. It was as authentic as can be. Lastly we had Nalli Hard Core - The PERFECT nalli nihari. Cooked to perfect tenderness and had amazing aroma and an even better taste.

With such a hearty meal, we were almost stuffed for options but the menu boasted of some very tempting desserts so we selected . We had to try the Nukkad Jalebi which was served in a martini glass, it looked stylish and even more appetizing! The jalebis were crisp and freshly made and even the rabri tasted amazing too! The Gaushala Di Kulfi was nice nothing too spectacular about it except for presentation as it was served in champagne glasses dipped in khas syrup. After such a heart meal came the treasure box of different kinds of mouth fresheners in a tiny drawer chest. I thought it was very cute touch given to the regular mouth fresheners.

Every dish in Made In Punjab had a grandeur to itself.  A visit to MIP will help reconnect with your punjabi roots. Made in Punjab is not just about enjoying a best in class casual dining experience in true Punjabi style; it also provides a sneak peek into Punjab’s celebratory culture. MIP takes you completely by a surprise and is a welcome change from all the Molecular Gastronomy gimmicks… Its ALL ABOUT THE FOOD!

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