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12 Gross But Reletable Beauty Habits Every Girl Has But Would Never Admit


We have to admit there are so many gross habits we all girls have and would never admit publically. Each one of us is guilty of doing at least one of the listed gross beauty habits. So now you know you are not alone!!! Read on and tell me which one ate you guilty off:

#1 Popping Pimples Even Though You Know You Shouldn't
I wish I could say there's been a time when I popped a pimple and it didn't leave a festering wound on my face, but I can't. And to make matters worse, you can't even cover up the wound with makeup because it's a freaking wound. And yet we still do this. Each time. 

#2 Removing What's Left Of Your Chipped Manicure By Scratching Off The Nail Polish
Because you can't see a nail polish remover near you or maybe you are in office and you see the ugly chipped nails so you decide to scratch the leftover yourself. Bonus points if you do this at office and then have that sad pile of nail polish chips on your desk as evidence that you're gross. 

#3 Using Your Finger And Spit To Fix Your Smudged Eyeliner 
Do we have Q-tips? Oh god, yes. They're littering our bathroom. But are we going to go and get one and wet it in the sink so we can properly fix our eyeliner like a grown-up? No. Spit works. 

#4 Pouring Out Too Much Foundation And Then Scraping It Back Into The Bottle With Hands
Spilling out too much foundation on your hands or dressing table and then wiping it off and putting it back in because it's expensive and whatever. But also? Ew.

#5 Keeping A Compact Full Of Broken Pressed Powder That Spills Out All Over The Place Every Time You Open It. 
Because not having to buy a new compact seems better than having to wipe the colored dust off your black jeans every time you want to reapply.  

#6 Realizing You Missed A Hair While Shaving Or Waxing And Just Trying To Pull It Out With Your Hands
It's like the freaking Sword in the Stone. If only you could pull out that one hair with your bare hands putting all your concentration into it and making your skin go red instead! Frustrating but true!

#7 Sharing Your Kajal With Your Friend
I love how we all try to convince ourselves that doing this doesn't spread bacteria because we know and love our friend. As if the one thing that kills bacteria on makeup is friendship. OK.

#8 Not Washing Your Makeup Brushes That Often 
I always rationalize it with the logic of, "What? My face is clean when I apply my makeup, so the brush should be clean too." But that is a lie and we all know it. And then we wonder why we start breaking out like it's not almost 100 percent because we didn't wash our brushes. Get it?

#9 Trying To Squeeze Out Blackheads On Your Nose With Exfoliation 
Not only does this not even work, but your nose is always super red afterward. And why is it red afterward? Because that's your nose's way of yelling at you to use a exfoliating srub first to open those pores. You have the scrub right there in your bathroom and you know this. Just plain lazy!

#10 Sleeping With Your Makeup On
Every single beauty article we read is like, "Hey, here's the biggest beauty tip ever: Don't sleep in your makeup." And we're like, "Uh-huh," and then we do it anyway. It's not only super nasty, but have you ever tried to get mascara or the Lipstick off a white pillow case? It cannot be done. Why are we like this?

#11 Not Throwing Out Your Mascara For Two Years Because There's Still Some In There
What's that? We're supposed to throw out mascara every three months so we don't risk an eye infection? Um, not gonna happen! This was Rs 500. I do not have "rs 500 every three months" mascara money! I am no Kareena Kapoor!!!

#12 Trying On Makeup Testers That You Know Have Been Used By 1000+ Other Gross Faces
Again, the suspension of disbelief is so strong when this happens. I usually tell myself, "I bet the only people who have used this specific lip gloss tester were very clean and had zero contagious infections." And then I spend the next few hours being terrified that I'm going to die with an allergic reaction because that gloss contained an incurable disease. 

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