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6 Amazing Aloe vera Hair Masks To Solve All Hair Problems


Aloe vera is a plant with multiple benefits, it works on skin, hair, and health. While aloe vera gave stunning results on skin, we decided to check how promising it was for hair. And the results were stunning, this immortality plant brought an end to various hair issues and we totally recommend this to all our readers. You can use aloe vera as a hair mask that will penetrate deep into the shafts and boost the hair health. The best part about this magical plant is that it works on every hair type, so you don't have to worry whether the plant would work for your hair or not. Let's get started with the different types of hair mask for each hair issue.

1. Aloe vera hair mask for oily scalp:

Hate the way your hair turns limp and greasy? You can bring an end to this problem with aloe vera. Extract the gel out of the plant and bend it in a blender. To this add lemon juice and apply this paste on your scalp and cover the hair strands. Leave it for half an hour and wash with mild shampoo. Don't apply this mask more than once a week.

Why this works:

The enzymes in aloe vera detoxify the scalp, removes the dirt, unclogs the hair follicles and  keeps the hair clean. Whereas lemon works as an astringent and closes the pores, which prevents the dirt to settle on your scalp.

2. Aloe vera hair mask for dry scalp:

If you have dry, damaged hair, then aloe vera is the best ingredient you can look for. You can make a mixture of aloe vera gel, olive oil, honey and apply it generously on your hair. If you wish, you can keep this mask overnight and then wash your hair the next day. Your hair would turn healthy, lustrous and soft.

Why this works:
Aloe vera gel consists of various compounds that trap the moisture content into your hair follicles which keep your hair hydrated. Also, it protects your hair from any damage and works on boosting the hair health. Whereas olive oil will condition your hair and work in strengthening the hair roots. And honey will keep bacteria, fungi away preventing flaky and itchy scalp. Isn't this a perfect combination for your hair?

3. Aloe vera hair mask for shiny hair:
The toxins, sun exposure can often take away the shine from your hair. But you can get back your glossy hair with the help of aloe vera hair mask. Make a paste of aloe vera, 1 egg, 2 teaspoon coconut oil and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. If you aren't happy using the egg you can switch to yogurt or banana, which help in bringing shine to the hair. Cover your hair with this mask for one hour and wash it with cool water. Wash with your shampoo and condition. Rinse your hair with lemon water and see the way your hair shines.

Why this works:
Aloe vera has minerals, moisturizing properties that bring a shine to your hair, whereas coconut oil will work as a conditioner and egg is a rich source of vitamins, fatty acids that soften the hair. Lemon will close the pores, lighten your hair.

4. Aloe vera hair mask for dandruff:

Dandruff can affect both dry and oily hair. If your scalp is dirty or dry it can easily attract bacteria and cause flakiness. You will need aloe vera gel, apple cider vinegar and a few drops of tea tree oil. Apply this mask generously on your scalp, hair strands and leave it for 30-40 minutes. Wash with cold water and apply this once a week. You will see effective results.
Tip: instead of apple cider vinegar you can even opt for lemon juice

Why this works:
Aloe vera gel has alkaline properties that balance the pH levels in your hair, and apple cider vinegar will strip away the excessive oil and prevent itchy scalp. Tea tree oil is a holy grail for dandruff scalp that will eliminate bacteria, fungi, dryness from the scalp and work on cleaning the hair follicles.

5. Aloe vera mask for hair fall:
If you have thin hair or suffer from hair shedding then it is recommended to pick aloe vera gel. It will bring an end to your hair fall issues. You will need to make a hair mask of aloe vera gel, castor oil, coconut milk. Apply this mask weekly, twice and see the results in a month's time. The hair fall will reduce and your hair will be rejuvenated.
Tip: if you have oily scalp, then mix castor oil with almond oil.

Why this works:
Aloe vera has enzymes, minerals, vitamins that build up the hair growth, the antioxidants work on the hair follicles and nourish them deeply. Castor oil has antimicrobial properties that will prevent clogging of pores, bacteria formation and promote healthy hair.

6. Aloe vera mask for frizzy hair:
Frizzy hair can be a total troublesome, but with aloe vera gel you can easily tame them. You would need to make a mask of aloe vera gel, yogurt, and honey. Let it rest on your hair for 30 minutes and then rinse with cool water. Apply this weekly, twice for good results. If you are too lazy to make a mask, then blend the aloe vera plant in the blender and apply it directly on your scalp. Even this will tame the frizziness.

Why this works:
Aloe vera will act as a deep conditioner and penetrate easily into the hair shafts, controlling the frizz. Whereas yogurt has lactic acid that will provide lustrous locks and honey will retain the moisture in your scalp.

Isn't aloe vera gel a wonder plant for your hair issues? How do you use aloe vera for beauty and wellness? Does it work in promoting healthy hair? Share in the comments below.

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