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8 Magical Benefits of Aloe Vera For Your Skin, Hair And Beauty!


No matter what, every girl dreams of having a flawless skin and shiny manes that would make her look picture perfect. If you are someone who dreams the same, then welcome to our blog, where we want all our readers to look and feel beautiful inside and out. Today we would share the marvelous benefits of the ‘plant of immortality’- Aloe Vera. The ancient Egyptians penned the name plant of immortality, as aloe vera has stunning healing properties and is used for every skin ailment. We are in that part of the year that a change in the season can make our skin and hair have its own mind. That is why we bring you the top beauty benefits aloe vera that can fade away your skin and hair issues and give you a forever gorgeous look. 

1. Treats Acne:

The last thing any girl wants is a breakout or acne on her face. But aloe vera is to your rescue, it is rich in zinc, which helps to combat acne, reduces excess sebum oil and even heals the damaged skin. With regular usage of aloe vera, the acne would reduce and even the scars and blemishes would fade away. 

2. Anti Ageing:

Now no more worries of anti-ageing, you can easily disappear the aging issues with magical aloe vera. Aloe vera is definitely the plant of immortality, it replenishes the skin from deep and provides right nutrition for the skin. It is enriched with Vitamin C, E and beta-carotene which nourishes the skin and improves the skin elasticity. It even reduces fine lines, wrinkles and leaves your skin soft, hydrated and young. 

3. Glowing Skin:

No time for a facial at the salon? Then add it to your homemade facial, it will remove all the dead cells and give you a natural glow in no time. Moreover, if you have sensitive skin, then aloe vera is your go-to facial ingredient as it will reduce zits, acnes, breakouts. Be prepared to be complimented for your glowing face. 

4. Sunburn:

Sunburn and sun tan are the side effects of summer, so make aloe vera your best mate and reduce your sunburns and sun tan. When you stay in the sun for long, the exposure of UV rays brings a redness to your skin that can be soothed with the help of aloe vera which acts as an anti-inflammatory. Due to the high water content of aloe vera, it hydrates the skin which heals the sunburn quickly.

5. Puffy Eyes:

Tired of the puffiness, then slather aloe vera under your eyes and leave it overnight. Aloe vera has antioxidants and Vitamin E that reduces the puffiness and improves the blood circulation. You would notice a considerable change with regular usage. 

6. Dandruff:

Tired of trying new products for your dandruff? Worry not, aloe vera is here to vanish troublesome dandruff. Aloe vera has an anti-fungal property that protects your scalp from bacteria, fungi as well as reducing oiliness and dead cells from your scalp that are responsible for dandruff damage. 

7. Dry Hair:

Dry and dull hair is a nightmare for all, so turn this nightmare into a daydream by applying aloe vera on your scalp. It has antipruritic properties, nutrients that will reduce scalp dryness and restore the moisture content of your hair. 

8. Hair growth:

Did you know that aloe vera can help with hair growth? Yes, aloe vera has healthy nutrients and proteins which are a healthy food for your hair, and over the period of time, you can see healthy growth of your hair. 

Gosh, the plant of immortality is surely a magical ingredient for a beautiful look, so if you are wondering where you can buy aloe vera, then try growing in your home and get fresh pure aloe vera. Share with us your aloe vera experience in the comments below.  

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