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Za True White Liquid Foundation Review + Bold Makeup Tutorial


Most of you already know about the look that I was wearing on the Valentines, courtesy my makeup tutorial video here! Today, on the blog I am going to review the gorgeous bottle from Za that actually helped me achieve the perfect base for my makeup and yes, I am happy with the bottle as much as I have been happy with a MAC foundation all my life. Continue to read my full review & makeup breakdown...

QUICK REVIEW: Za True White Liquid Foundation is a beautiful bottle, priced at Rs. 950. The bottle is adorable and gives you about 30 ml of pure foundation that comes out from a nozzle. The foundation is available in 6 shades. It's colour is slightly lighter than my skin-tone but has undertones of yellow in it which actually illuminates the face with a right hint! While I still use a primer and moisturizer before applying any base colour on my face, this foundation spreads really very well on the skin. It gives you an overall dewy and clear look. The formula is pretty hydrating and it lasts for about 6+ hours straight. Packed with SPF 25+ the poreless foundation creates pearly white skin. It contains Vitamins C & E derivatives which leaves the skin feeling satiny and smooth.

FINAL VERDICT: Priced at Rs.950, the bottle gives a radiant finish and can be settled well with a Compaq to achieve a perfect look! Because of it's long staying power and illumination, I am going to buy it again :)

Oh and yes, before I sign off here is the makeup look breakdown (incase you missed) from my YouTube channel. I have used Za True White Liquid Foundation to achieve the perfect base.

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  1. Oh my goodness, you look beyond gorgeous! I love love love your makeup.