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10 Reasons Why An Air-hostess Makes A Great Girlfriend


If you have been in love with a flight attendant, then you would know what a great romantic adventure it is! If you haven't, well here our 10 reasons will make you want to fall in love with one. 

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1. Well, let's admit it air hostesses are real good lookin women.

2. She looks prim and perfect at all the times, even after 20 hours of long flight(s).

3. Because she is traveler and she will get you all excited for your next vacation together! 

4. She is the most adaptable person you'll ever meet. She deals with the most difficult lot day and out duh-uh.

5. She can plan your vacations and travel itinerary better than any TripAdvisor(s) of the world.

6. She gets to stay at the best of the hotels so you can join her in the lap of luxury!

7. She is always smiling and humble even if you pester her off. Over the time, being polite grows on her courtesy her job.

8. She can get you great flight deals and benefits. If you marry her, then free upgrades are guaranteed. #JustSaying

9. She is good at judging people, well of course she meets so many people in so many different walks of life.

10. And finally because she will love you even from 48,000 Feet above! Now how romantic is that :)

This post is dedicated to my bff, who has been soaring the skies. 

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