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3 Signs why you should not ignore your vaginal Discharge


Vaginal Discharge is common and happens to every female. The white or off-white discharge is usually considered normal as it helps in cleaning and preventing infections. But sometimes a vaginal discharge can indicate a lot more which should not be ignored.

Any change in colour, texture or smell of the discharge should be immediately reported to a gynecologist before it makes the body fall prey to a serious problem. If you are experiencing an unusual vaginal discharge, here are a few signs which indicate the abnormality of the discharge and why it should be treated as quickly as possible.

1. Yeast Infections
Yeast infection can make the vaginal discharge go very white and thick. Normally fluid, yeast infected discharge can resemble the texture of cottage cheese. It may also cause itching and a burning sensation and can happen to many women quite often.

2. Bacterial Infection
Infection caused by bacteria makes the vaginal discharge go greyish in colour. It also tends to become water-like and you might feel the need to clean your vagina every now and then. Bacterial infection causes fishy and unpleasant odour which if prolonged should be treated.

3. Sexually Transmitted Disease
If you feel pain during urination and stains of yellowish-greenish discharge, the reason could be a form of Sexually Transmitted Disease. The discharge is accompanied by a strong odour and the sooner you take medication, the better it is.

To have a healthy life, do not ignore any of the above symptoms or any such thing which you feel is unusual. Take good care of your body and go for regular checkups. Live healthy, Be happy.

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