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Hate Removing Makeup? Here's What You Should Do


Let's face it, after coming back all exhausted from a party, you just want to sleep with your makeup on even if you know how much harm it is causing to your skin. And with the festivities and Christmas season on, this is going to happen more often.

Not removing your makeup at night before sleeping can give you loads of acne the next morning spoiling the entire texture of your facial skin. And with the chilly winter stepping in, you tend to feel too lazy to wash your face as a part of your makeup removal routine.

So, for you lazy one's, we have a no water makeup removal technique which of course shouldn't be adopted on a daily basis but yeah, at times when you just need your bed. This way you can remove your makeup in less than 5 minutes and sleep with a clean, moisturized skin.

What you need
Baby Oil, Baby Wipes, Dry facial tissues

How to Remove your Makeup
Take 5-6 drops of baby oil on your palm and spread it all over your face except the eyes. Start massaging the oil on the face which will break the makeup down.
Now take 5-6 more drops and massage it on your eye-lids, eye-brows and under-eyes. Keep going in a circular motion till the time you feel your mascara is off your lashes.

Take a baby wipe and wipe off all the oil and you will see how the wipe gets dirty with your makeup. Pull out another wipe and remove the same to wipe off any residue.

If you have dry skin, you may want to sleep with a bit of oil on. But for those with an oily skin, wipe your  face on last time with a dry tissue and doze off! This way your skin will be free of makeup and full of hydration!

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